Inder and Taj’s Sikh Wedding in Italy, was a multicultural event complete with gorgeous jewel toned décor, and a full weekend of activities. With guests coming from the UK, US and Canada, it was important to have everyone meet and spend quality time together before the wedding celebrations, so the couple hosted a pizza welcome dinner upon arrival.

The first part of their two days wedding was a Sangeet event which took place in the greenhouse of a Villa in Lake Como, which garden was decorated with airy colourful drapes and candles.
The backdrop of the second day was the picturesque Villa Pizzo with stunning Lake views. The celebrations started very early in the morning with their Sikh ceremony. The Sikh marriage ceremony starts with Prayer and concludes with Laavan, or the four wedding rounds. Each round represents a different stage of love and it’s only after the fourth round that you’re considered man and wife. I’ll never forget how the morning started in a downpour and just as they completed their fourth round, the clouds finally gave way to the sun.
The evening reception was a totally modern departure from their traditional ceremony with modern elements like ghost chairs, airy curtains, and a crisp white colour palette, which the guests enjoyed by the light of fairy lights and plenty of candles for an intimate feel.
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