The benefits of using an Italian wedding planner to organise your destination wedding in Italy
Are you getting married in Italy and thinking about hiring an Italian wedding planner? This blog aims to objectively set out some of the main reasons why couples choose a professional to help organise and deliver their destination wedding.
Budgeting for your Wedding in Italy

Taking the overall budget of your Italian wedding into consideration, we debunk the myth that a Wedding Planner is an unnecessary cost. To challenge this, we consider both the supplier market and any associated hidden costs.
The wedding market is typically unregulated and prices for services are not always published and can vary. We are not suggesting that suppliers are looking to take advantage, quite the opposite, but a good Italian Wedding Planner will have a better understanding of the overall costs and can advise accordingly. Similarly, your Wedding Planner will also know when you can negotiate and for what additional services you can ask to be included with your supplier. They can also help you understand and plan for any extra costs associated with your wedding suppliers, this is more typical with your Italian wedding venue.

Something also to consider, through a network of trusted suppliers your wedding planner may be able to obtain favourable discounts that might not be available to the general public. Similarly, based on availability, your planner should also know particular wedding venues or suppliers that are offering discounts for particular dates. This is quite common especially if it’s late in the year and venues have dates to fill.

Planning and Preparing for your Italian Wedding

On a day-to-day basis, co-ordinating with multiple vendors can be challenging, especially when you add in the added complexity of dealing with suppliers from a different country whose first language may not be the same as yours. Things can be lost in translation and by not paying close attention, you may find yourself not getting exactly what you want. For this reason, having a single point of contact can be very useful. 

Your Wedding Planner will ideally be bilingual and for this reason will also have access to a wider local market, who may not have a strong presence on social media or search engines, but who can still offer amazing quality.

Let’s not forget, your Italian wedding planner will be able recognise the quality from the average. This is a priceless advantage when trying to achieve the most authentic experience for you and your guests.

Legal Requirements

Another benefit of involving an Italian Wedding Planner, is to navigate you through the legal paperwork that you will be required to do before you can become legally married. For example, for a civil ceremony in Italy you will be required to attend the local town hall the day prior to your wedding. This is to complete your declaration which makes it possible for you to be married. This needs to be organised and paperwork needs to be completed, translated and validated well before this date.

To help manoeuvre you through this process or any process represented by your choice of Italian wedding ceremony, your Wedding Planner will co-ordinate this with you and will send the appropriate reminders as and when required.

Co-ordinating your Italian Wedding

For most couples, there aren’t many times in your lifetime that you will host an event as big or as important as your wedding day. Similarly, given the rarity of the occasion, there’s no practice run, and you only have one chance to get it right.

In our experience, dynamic events involving people, food, transport, weather, multiple setups and successional timings are logistically challenging, and on the wedding day itself, this is the last thing you want to be worrying about.

So after all those months of planning, as wedding planners, our simple goal is for you to enjoy being a guest at your own Italian Wedding. We’ll manage every detail so you can enjoy your guests and more importantly, each other!
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