A Capri wedding is synonym of style, luxury and fun. An hidden gem, the ideal place for an upscale Italy wedding.

Off the coastline of the Amalfi Coast lays the island of Capri. Couples who wish to go the extra mile and travel that little bit further will be repaid with a picturesque landscape, dramatic sea panoramas, narrow streets and tiny square with iconic venues and stylish shops.

The island has two main towns, Capri, famous for its Piazzetta, it is a buzzing and glamorous setting for your Italy wedding, and Anacapri, which is more secluded and tranquil whilst being surrounded by the same natural beauty.

If you are dreaming of a Capri wedding, you should know that Catholic ceremonies are only possible for residents and Italian nationals. However you can have an equally romantic Capri wedding with a symbolic or civil ceremony.

As wedding planners in Capri we love the historic Villa Lysis (Fernen). Built in 1904 this Villa combines opulence and elegance. The Mediterranean stretches out below as the garden scenic panorama is a stunning backdrop of exclusive wedding ceremonies in Italy.

One of the most sought after venues for a civil or symbolic wedding ceremony in Capri are the garden of Augustus. The gardens are located in the centre of the town and offer a lush garden terrace overlooking the Faraglioni and Marina Piccola.

Belvedere di Tragara is a small square, literally a lookout point, located at the end of the quintessentially Via Tragara. Toegther with Punta Cannone, an equally panoramic but smaller lookout area, located just walking distance from the centre of the town, both options are perfect for more intimate ceremonies.

All the above areas are public. In case of civil ceremonies the areas are closed to the public for one hour to allow couples to have a private ceremony while the areas are simply screened off for symbolic ceremonies.

Anacapri offers some equally breathtaking options for a Capri wedding.

The Lighthouse located on the western point of the island, provides 360 degrees sea views.

La Migliera, a small amphitheatre hidden in grove and with scenic views of the Lighthouse and the coast.

For those wishing to combine the beauty of the island with its historic reference, Villa Damecuta is a fantastic option. This archaeological site contains the remains of one of Tiberius imperial villas.
For symbolic ceremonies only, Villa San Michele is also available. Couples can celebrate their Capri wedding on the terrace of this Villa surrounded by lush gardens and overlooking the Bay of Naples.

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